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Saturday’s WOD – 8.20.16

Partner WOD

For time

1 partner working at a time – must go in order – split up as needed

200 double unders
100 weighted box step-ups (2 KB/DB) 45/35, 20″ all
50 strict pull-ups
200 calorie row
100 wall balls
50 hand-release push-ups


Thursday’s WOD – 8.18.16


8 minutes (choose 1)

Handstand practice
Headstand practice
Tripod practice
Handstand pushup practice
*** THEN

8 minutes (choose 1)

Muscle up practice
Butterfly kip practice
Kipping practice
Pull-up practice/progression


For time

1 mile run

5 rounds
6 pistols
8 handstand push-ups
10 squat thrusts

800m run


Meet CrossFit Groundworks Athlete, Andrea Bobke!

Well, why CrossFit?

Mainly peer pressure from the Colemans…Then I got hooked!

What type of training were you doing before CrossFit? 

Some running, some Body Pump, lots of step aerobics ;). Love me some step aerobics!!

And your favorite type of workout? 

Anything with a 400m run mixed in, especially in 60 degree weather!

What are you most proud of, personally, at the box?

The fact that I consistently get to the box, and am able to do things I couldn’t do a year ago: rope climbs, stringing a couple double-unders, lifting heavier. 

And what’s your biggest struggle/what are you actively working on? 

Mastering double-unders, getting damn pull-ups!!

What are your thoughts about Paleo?

Is that a planet?

What’s your go-to cheat food? 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Saturated to the perfect point in milk (and out of a large mixing bowl). But I only eat on special occasions.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the box?

What else keeps you active and moving? I really like time in the kitchen (both cooking and baking). I don’t get as much time there as I’d like—my husband fancies himself a chef, so we fight for kitchen time. Once the weather warms up I am usually outside throwing a baseball or playing basketball with the kiddos. 

What do you have to say about your coach and fellow athletes at CrossFit Groundworks? 

Our coaches are the best! Sure they are also the only CrossFit coaches I’ve ever had, but the coaches along with my fellow athletes are the reason I keep coming back. GroundWorks definitely is a family and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Any goals for 2016? 

Find no leak workout pants.

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