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Saturday’s WOD – 8.20.16

Partner WOD

For time

1 partner working at a time – must go in order – split up as needed

200 double unders
100 weighted box step-ups (2 KB/DB) 45/35, 20″ all
50 strict pull-ups
200 calorie row
100 wall balls
50 hand-release push-ups


Saturday’s WOD – 1.9.15

Partner WOD

100 shoulder-to-overhead @ 95/65 lbs
100 back squats @ 95/65 lbs
100 hang power cleans @ 95/65 lbs
100 front rack step-back lunges @ 95/65 lbs

*one partner is rowing the entire workout
*score = time + total meters rowed in comments
*35 min CAP if needed

Saturday – 8.1.15


Spotting and bailing technique, back squats

Partner WOD

4 rounds

100m heavy sled pulls (backward-facing) @ 75-80% bodyweight
30 dumbbell push press @ 53/35 lbs
30 dumbbell hang power cleans @ 50/35 lbs
30 burpees

*1 partner pulls 50m, then trade
*each partner must switch every 5 reps (except sled)



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