Why You Should Do The CrossFit Open

In just over a month, the world’s largest competition to find “The Fittest on Earth” will commence. For the elite, this is what they have been training for all year. For us day-to-day CrossFitters, this is the time when we can see exactly how we stack up against those elite athletes and against the rest of the CrossFitters around the world. And for the some, this may be a time of hesitancy because you aren’t sure if you should, or if you even want to do it. To those of you who are hesitant, let’s discuss.

Think you’re not good enough? There is no one that is not good enough. The workouts are designed to be inclusive of all athletes, especially this year with the new structure including a scaled division. Trust me; you will surprise yourself, and you will accomplish something that you have never done before. The CrossFit Open is for everyone!

Don’t think you’re competitive? It’s not just about having the highest score on the leaderboard. Most of us aren’t going to Regionals. For those of us at GroundWorks, it’s about community. It’s about challenging ourselves, having fun, and getting a taste of competition; all in an atmosphere where your box mates will celebrate your accomplishments by cheering and screaming for you along the way. There is something that bonds us when we feel like we are all going into battle together.

Think it’s going to to be hard? It is. It’s CrossFit. But you knew that already. These might be some of the hardest workouts you have ever done. And you’ll be sore. And you may not do as well as you would like to on some of them. But you’ll also see that you are more capable than you thought you were. You’ll succeed when you think you can’t.

Don’t want to do the workouts? Welllll, you’re probably going to do them anyway. They’ll be programmed in to our regular programming. May as well sign up!

Not ready to shell out $20? Come on, it’s $20—that’s four to-go coffees, two lunches out, one shirt…I can keep going.

The Details

How much is it? $20

When is registration open? Now until Wednesday, February 25.

Where do I register? https://games.crossfit.com/register-athlete

When are the workouts?

  • 16.1: Feb. 25 -29
  • 16.2: March 3-7
  • 16.3: March 10-14
  • 16.4: March 17-21
  • 16.5: March 24-28

What are the workouts? That is something we all want to know…TBD. Once they are decided, they are available here.

More questions? Concerns? Still not sure? Talk to a GroundWorks coach, or another athlete at the box who has done the Open before! You won’t regret it.

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